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Types of Lodging as Vacation Reference

Types of Lodging as Vacation Reference

is a building or part of a building that is specially provided, which anyone can use as a temporary residence or to stay overnight by paying rent. There are several types of accommodation, what are they? Here are 10 types of accommodation that can be used as a reference for your holiday, Visit cabanas golondrinas.

Overview of Accommodation

It is also a place for people who are carrying out activities outside of their daily residence or are out of town for purposes such as traveling, business, meetings and so on.

Types of Accommodation

There are several types of accommodation that you can rent and use as a place to stay or stay temporarily based on the facilities, services and rental price. The following are the types of accommodation that can be used as references for your holiday.

1. Hotels

is a business that uses a building or part of a building that is specially provided, and everyone can stay overnight, eat, and also get good services and facilities based on payment. Hotels have 2 types, namely star hotels and non-star hotels based on predetermined requirements.

2. Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotel is a type with not too many rooms and is more devoted to pampering guests who stay. The hotel building design is very luxurious and modern with between 10 and 50 rooms, so the rental price is expensive.

3. Motels

Motel is short for motor hotel, which is lodging located outside the city on the side of the highway. Usually this type of accommodation is specifically for people who are traveling between cities and need a place to stay. This motel is almost the same as a hotel but has a car park close to the rooms.

4. Inn

An inn is a type of lodging that uses part or all of a building to be rented out to people who come to rest temporarily without food or drink being provided. Resorts are built in areas that have beautiful natural views such as coastal or mountainous areas with facilities that prioritize elements of recreation or entertainment in the form of sports facilities, entertainment, children’s playgrounds or shopping places.

5. Apartment

Apartments are usually managed by an individual and do not provide standard facilities like hotels, such as a receptionist, bell boy, or breakfast. There are three options that can be found in renting an apartment, namely: you can have the whole place, you can share the room with other guests, or you can live with the apartment owner.